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Innovative Pathways: Abbott PM Launches Houston Branch

In a strategic move that underscores

In a strategic move that underscores their dedication to advancing Project Management, Project Controls and Field Services excellence for clients around the nation, Abbott PM has unveiled the opening of a new branch office in Houston, Texas. This expansion places Abbott at the heart of the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry, positioning them to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of project management practices in this vital domain.   

By establishing a presence in Houston, Abbott PM has positioned itself to closely engage with the intricate network of professionals, innovators, and thought leaders that define the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry. This move reflects Abbott’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving innovation through knowledge-sharing and cross-industry partnerships.   

With their new Houston office, Abbott seeks to offer a platform for professionals and experts to connect, collaborate, and contribute to cutting-edge project management solutions. As they embark on this new chapter, Abbott’s presence in Houston is poised to not only elevate project management standards but also to facilitate transformative advancements in the industry as a whole.   

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