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About Us:

Abbott is a leading project management and field services firm with a global presence, renowned for innovation and excellence. We excel in executing large-scale projects across sectors like energy, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and the built environment. Our diverse and talented team ensures flawless project execution, setting new industry benchmarks.

At Abbott, we pride ourselves on tackling significant projects, from mega-infrastructure developments to cutting-edge technological advancements. Our global footprint and local expertise enable us to navigate diverse landscapes, cultures, and regulatory environments, ensuring impactful project delivery.

Safety is our unwavering commitment, rooted in education and accountability. Ensuring the well-being of our people is fundamental to our success, resonating throughout our organization.

Our comprehensive services portfolio streamlines planning, optimization, and dispatch of activities to frontline teams. From technical assets to customer premises and production plants, our services cover Asset Management, Field Services, Field Engineering, Project Controls, PMCM and Training & Documentation. We aim to be your single-source solution, orchestrating resources, processes, and technology globally.


Building Tomorrow Together - The Abbott Story:

Since 1976, Abbott has been a pioneer in project management and innovation. From our founder John Thomas’s visionary beginnings to our present-day projects, we've shaped the world's infrastructure, driven by a relentless commitment to building sustainable legacies.

Our story is one of resilience based on adaptability and collaboration. Through the decades, Abbott has supported clients in their emerging challenges, helping them embrace change and emerge with greater corporate sustainability. Abbott's brand essence is not just about the projects we complete but the positive impact we leave on communities. Our commitment to social responsibility is as integral to our story as the steel and concrete we shape. We recognize that our success is intertwined with the well-being of the planet and its people, propelling us to embrace initiatives that elevate lives and create a legacy.

As we continue to build tomorrow together with our clients, the Abbott brand stands as a beacon of innovation and a symbol of excellence—a story of progress, purpose, and the enduring spirit of building a better future for generations to come.


Our mission is to help move the world forward one project at a time. Building value through experience, our team is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and maximize their assets in the most effective way possible.


Delivering predictable outcomes in an unpredictable world. Our vision is to not only meet our customers' needs but far exceed them, using our globally recognized talent and collaborating on projects. Commitment to our clients is built into our DNA.

As a team, we foster an atmosphere where bold thinking is embraced, and we mutually inspire one another to infuse creativity and passion into our professional environment.

Our team consistently demonstrates its capacity to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, consistently delivering innovation and creativity.

Our reputation is built on the boldness and bravery to extend beyond conventional boundaries and tackle complex projects - while challenging the status quo and continuing to deliver unrivaled results.

We listen. We speak up. We embrace team collaboration, throughout every stage of the project to ensure we are breaking down barriers and connecting persons together to deliver a common goal.

The cornerstone of our team's success lies in the unwavering commitment, honesty, and dedication that contribute to driving the world forward, one project at a time.

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